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While I have always been 99% certain that I would be approved to be a foster parent, throughout the process there remains a tiny bit of worry that something wouldn’t work out.  But I’m thrilled to report that after passing last week’s fire and health inspections, I now know with 100% certainty that I will become a licensed foster parent!  It’s so nice to have that little bit of worry lifted.

Now that those inspections are complete, I can breathe a little.  For the moment, there’s nothing I need to be working on or preparing for.  Feels strange to not have a “to do” list.  I’m just waiting for my CPR/first aid class which will take place in mid-August and once that’s complete, my resource home worker will write my homestudy to submit for approval.  Crossing my fingers that process will go quickly and I’ll be licensed some time in early September.

So, having nothing I needed to be doing for the first time in many months, I took some time this weekend to relax and celebrate.  A few friends came to visit from out of state and I had a wonderful weekend just catching up and having fun with my closest friends. Just what I needed after all the stress from two months of home study visits and inspections.  It was probably one of the best weekends I’ve EVER had.  I love my girls!  My foster kiddos are going to have some awesome foster aunts to love them.  I’m very thankful to be able to surround these kiddos with lots of caring people.

Still can’t believe all of this is really happening!  Such a dream come true!


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I know, I know, it wasn’t that long ago that I was complaining about how I felt this process was never going to end.  Well, I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now and I’m having trouble containing my excitement!  So, here’s the latest on where I am in the process:

  • Completed home study visit #3 this morning.  Next one is scheduled for next week.  There should be only one more after that which will take place some time in mid-August.
  • Fire marshal inspection and health department inspection will take place next week.
  • CPR class is scheduled for mid-August.
  • References have been/are being contacted now.

That’s it!  I will have some more homework to do after the next visit and more paperwork (surprise, surprise!) but basically by mid-August, everything will be complete and it will just be a matter of waiting for my home study to be written, submitted and approved!  Hard to believe that I could possibly be licensed in 6 weeks or so.  I’m so thrilled!  I got goosebumps when she started explaining the adoption process to me during the visit this morning.  Still can’t believe this dream is coming true.

In the meantime, life is insane and I’ve got a million things to get done.  Lots to do around the condo before those fire and health inspections next week.  I have to purchase and install a new smoke detector, move all chemicals to high locked cabinets (which requires rearranging many kitchen cabinets), diagram my fire escape plan and so much more.  Plus, I still have more painting to do in the nursery before I can get that room reassembled and figure out how to make this ever growing pile of baby gear fit into closets and drawers in an organized and accessible manner.

Lots on my mind, lots on my “to do” list but oh so very exciting!

PS- Pics of the nursery coming soon once I can get it put back together but here’s a sneak peak of the new wall color.  I absolutely love it!  After much searching, I found the true gray color I wanted.  It’s “gray horse” by Benjamin Moore color matched to Valspar Optimus in Eggshell.  (A little piece of advice if you decide to use this paint, please ignore the paint salesman and online reviews that will tell you this will cover perfectly in one coat.  It definitely requires two coats.  I learned that the hard way this week.)

paint color

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Does anyone else feel like there is much more unappealing stuff on Facebook recently?  Scrolling through my newsfeed, I feel like all I see is disgusting videos (many posted by hackers, I’m sure) and disturbing news stories.  Maybe I’m just noticing this type of unpleasant stuff more.  Regardless, I was actually contemplating taking a break from Facebook for a while when I happened to see this gem of an article that I friend had shared: 10 habits you should pick up from your grandmother.  Maybe there is still good to be found on Facebook after all!

afternoon tea









I absolutely love this article because I totally want to be my grandmother.  She’s so classy!  She’s an avid reader, tea drinker and world traveler.  Her house is always spotless and organized (and very tastefully decorated).  She has a perfect green thumb and everything she cooks or bakes turns out delicious.  She even knows how to expertly accessorize and coordinate any outfit. (Yes, my 80-something grandmother owns way more jewelry/accessories than I do.  She owns more high-end clothing, too.  But none of you who know me personally or have seen my closet are surprised by those facts.  I’m still not a mom yet but I’ve had “mom jeans” in my closet for years.  Fashion is not a word in my vocabulary).  But I digress.  The most important reason why I definitely want to become my grandmom: she and my grandfather raised two amazing daughters (my mom and aunt) who became such hardworking, caring, generous, kind women.

So what does this have to do with my foster parent journey?  Basically, nothing at all.  I just really liked the article because I do value so much of what is mentioned in it (Cooking from scratch, writing letters, love that kind of stuff!).  Do I do it enough?  Of course not!  But this article was a great reminder of so much of what I strive to be in my life.  Guess I should go take a walk now and contemplate what “made from scratch” meals I can whip up this weekend after a trip to the local farmer’s market (since I’m not talented enough to grow it myself). 🙂  Happy Friday!


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I was talking with a colleague recently and she mentioned that one of the things she loved about being pregnant was getting to experience just how nice people are.  Her advice to me was to take the time to appreciate how caring people really are.

What wonderful advice!  It certainly has not gone unnoticed by me that I am surrounded by so many loving and generous people.  And knowing that fact helps to constantly reinforce in my mind and heart that becoming a foster mom is God’s will for my life (especially when I get those negative, unsupportive comments and need that reassurance).  These children who will enter my home have experienced such tragedy, such loss.  To know that I am providing them with a safe and loving home is a wonderful gift I can give.  But even greater than that, I am allowing them to see a world that is so caring and accepting.  My friends and family will create this huge temporary family in their life who will love them as much as I will.  What a gift!

A few weeks ago, I showed up at a friend’s house for what was supposed to be a quiet dinner and a movie night with a couple of friends.  Imagine my shock when I pulled into her driveway and saw TONS of cars.  My friends had planned an incredible surprise baby shower for me.  For someone who dislikes being the center of attention, it was a little uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing but all I kept thinking about was how grateful I was to have all of these compassionate and supportive people in my life.

Many foster parents don’t get a baby shower at all.  This most recent shower was the third one that has been given in my honor.  That’s incredible.  I recognize just how lucky I am.  It is an amazing blessing to have so many people in my life who care about me and my future foster kiddos enough to take the time to plan a baby shower.  I mean, just look at this adorable cake that one of my volunteers made for the shower.  Never in my life have I had a big, elaborate, beautifully decorated cake like this.  The generosity continues to amaze me.

Baby Shower Cake
There were two woman at the baby shower whom I just met within the last year so they haven’t known me for that long.  At the end of the shower, they came over to me and shared that they could tell I was extremely loved.  Such a true observation!  I’m extremely blessed.

So for everyone who has supported me in any way along this journey, please know how grateful I am for you.  I can’t say thanks enough for everything you have done.  Truly amazing.


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I feel like this licensing process is never ending!  I started this journey with an orientation back in October.  At that orientation, they told me I wouldn’t start classes until March.  I was so frustrated.  March felt like it was decades away and would never get here.  Why couldn’t we start now?  But, of course, March did come and before I knew it, I was done classes and starting my paperwork.

Time is moving extremely slowly again now that I am in the middle of my home study.  I know the end is in sight but it just can’t come fast enough.  I’m so ready to be a foster mom.  This is going to sound so cheesy but every night before I go to bed, I walk into the nursery, look at the crib and dream of the day when there is a baby in there.  I know that dream is only a couple months away from becoming a reality but a few months feels too long.  I’m just so excited!  I don’t want to wait any longer for this dream to come true!

So, where do I stand in the process right now and what’s left?

  • I’ve had 2 home study visits with my resource home worker.  Both went well and my next one will be in 2 weeks.  I will have 4-6 visits total with her, each several weeks apart.
  • The requests have been made for the health department and fire department home inspections.  I’m waiting for them to call me and schedule those appointments.
  • All paperwork has been submitted (2 huge stacks of forms complete!)
  • I’m waiting for her to schedule our CPR/first aid certification class.  That should be booked soon.
  • My resource home worker will be reaching out some time this month to numerous friends and family to check my references.

That’s it!  Such a short list, I know, but it feels a mile long when you are so eager to be done.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep re-organizing baby supplies, cleaning, and decorating the nursery.  Yep, nesting at its best.

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